The Many Benefits Of Banking With RBC Bank Of Canada

One of the largest banks in the world and also one of the largest banks in Canada is the Royal Bank of Canada, usually called RBC Bank. They have a modern system that allows banking from nearly any connected device in the digital realm, across any border, at any time of day or night. The strive to keep fees limited and at this time charge no annual fee for cross border banking into the US so many US residences are taking advantage and opening new accounts there. Here are some of the advantages of banking at Royal Bank of Canada.

Banking From Anywhere To Anywhere

The RBC has a convenient mobile application that makes transferring funds from your US bank to RBC an instantaneous transaction that is both free and easy. From any connected device a customer can then go on to paying bills in the US and Canada in mere seconds.

There are also over 50,000 ATMs in the US alone that can be accessed for no-fee. The offer US Home Equity Lines of Credit with little or no closing costs and no fee as well. Since their accounts can be managed using the phone, computer, mobile device, or in person, there is no limit to how convenient these loans and accounts are to manage. Their accounts also can be integrated into Apple Pay which is a growing and convenient way to buy at many connected retailers. In many cases a quick tap and go is all that is needed.

There Are Seven Ways To Make Deposits

The quickest way to make a deposit into your RBC bank account is with their money transfers that are both instant and without fees. There are also no limits on how many transfers you can make per month.

Depositing a check is also free and easy using your mobile device or tablet. All that is needed is a quick scan of you US dollar check from any US financial institution and you’re done with no mailing of envelopes or buying stamps. There are also thousands of ATMs in the US that will accept a deposit of cash or checks using your US debit card.

Direct deposit is also widely used from any US company that offers the service it can go directly into your Canadian bank account. Most companies and other institutions that offer direct deposit will have their own easy instructions or you can use one from the RBC that is available online for instant download.

The US mail is also a very convenient way to make deposits. While it is not used as much in the past due to so many immediate ways to bypass the wait, it is still available and a solid way to make the transaction.

Any way you look at it, the services offered by the Royal Bank of Canada are top of the line and inexpensive to use. In many cases people can save hundreds per year just in ATM transaction fees and monthly service charges over their current bank. Add to that the many ways to use your account using mobile apps and you have a winning combination.